#169: How Exactly Do You Downsize Your Stuff?!

#169: How Exactly Do You Downsize Your Stuff?!

As we prepare to move into a house that’s less than half the size of our current one, we’re taking a long hard look at our belongings to figure out what should come and what we no longer need, love, or have a use for. And today we’re outlining the systematic criteria that we’re using to evaluate what to bring and what to leave behind (yes, we actually have four questions that we consider for every last object). Plus we’re sharing how we’re getting rid of the things we don’t need, including different ways to donate (and some great causes to consider), along with a recent technique that we tried (and it worked!) for selling a whole lot of things in one fell swoop. We’ve also got a big update on how coronavirus has impacted our moving plans and the answer to that “what happened to the shutters you were putting on your house?” question that we get every time we share an exterior photo. 

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