How To Find A Painting Contractor

how to find painting contractors in your areaFinding a painting contractor to paint the interior or the exterior of your home can be a daunting task. You want a company that delivers superior work at an affordable cost. They should pay attention to detail and their work should be clean. However, how can you choose the best company in your area? In this article, we explore some ways to get around this task.

Schedule A Consultation

Find three painting contractors in your area who have good reviews and who have been in the  industry for an extended length of time. Maybe ask friends and family members. During the meeting, they should take an appropriate amount of time to assess your home. He or she should check the condition and take a walk around your house. While they are there, be sure to ask a lot of questions. Ask about crew size and the experience that their crew has.

Talk About Your Expectations

There is a lot that goes into a painting project. The quality of paint, the number of coats, and other factors help determine the quality of the project. These same factors also determine price. One of the biggest factors is the prep work that needs to happen before a surface is painted. If you want a surface that is even, you need to tell the contractor at your consultation. However, you may have to pay extra. If you are okay with some degree of imperfections, then you need to agree on what you believe is acceptable and what isn’t.

Get A Written Estimate

When you meet with your selected painting companies, they should assess the condition of your home. They should sit down with you and discuss your expectations. Also, they should provide you with a written estimate that lays out the cost of labor and materials. It should include the amount of surface prep that they will complete.

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Other Tips

painting your home's exterior

  • Get references- Talk to previous customers and see how happy they are with the work that this company did. See if it has held up after a few years. The company needs to have a pattern of delivering high quality work. Get older references and current ones.
  • Check for appropriate licensing, insurance, and industry affiliations
  • Get an official contract-This contract should include the contractor’s name, physical address, telephone number, license number, and any pertinent details of your job.
  • It should state what is included in your project and what isn’t. Get a copy of their liability insurance, including worker’s comp. You don’t want to be responsible for any mishaps.
  • This contract should state what they guarantee. If, for example, any chipping or flaking occurs within two years, you want them to come and correct it at little to no cost.  Make sure this is part of the contract.