Our T-Shirt Line Is Baaaaaaaack!

Our T-Shirt Line Is Baaaaaaaack!

Over 10 years ago we launched a small t-shirt line featuring designs for women, men, and – yes – even dogs! I’m not kidding. Who remembers that?! We eventually retired it, so who knows how many still exist out there in the wild – beyond the dozen or so in my dad’s closet (he was our best customer) and the one below that showed up at a book signing in 2015.

Earlier this year we got the itch to relaunch the line, but this time with a shift away from logo shirts and towards styles that could fit easily into anyone’s closet… all while maintaining a distinctly Young House Love look.

So for months we’ve been fine-tuning the designs, researching the best fitting tees, and even “test-wearing” them around the house. So without further ado, we’re THRILLED to launch them today – complete with a little video to show you the whole collection (it’s actually very important that you watch this, so please press play):

Note: If you’re having trouble viewing the video above, you can watch it here on YouTube.

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