CPCA Intervention Spares Further Challenges for Canadian Paint and Coatings Manufacturing

Earlier this month, the Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA) announced that the government of Canada granted CPCA’s formal request for an exemption from the proposed countermeasure tariffs on U.S. goods coming into Canada as of July 1, 2018.

In June, the Canadian government invited Canadian stakeholders to comment on a list of proposed retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods in response to U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. In a formal submission to Canada’s Department of Finance, CPCA noted the proposed tariff on imported U.S. steel drums and cans (proposed Tariff 7310.29) could be interpreted to include pails, cans, vats, and totes used by Canadian paint and coatings manufacturers. With no Canadian manufacturer of these pails and cans, particularly for architectural paint and aerosol sprays, Canadian-based manufacturers would face millions of dollars in higher input costs in relation to competing finished products imported from the United States.

“The North American paint and coatings industry is highly integrated with many U.S.-owned companies operating manufacturing plants here in Canada supported by cross-border supply chains,” said CPCA president and CEO Gary LeRoux. “These tariffs could be the last straw for many Canada-based manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, already considering possible relocation to U.S. jurisdictions with lower taxes, fewer regulations, lower energy and labor costs, ongoing exchange rate challenges and other incentives for plant relocation.”

According to CPCA, due to increasing consolidation in recent years, nearly half of all paint and coatings products sold in Canada are imported from plants in the United States, an increase of nearly 15 percent over the past decade. Over that time consolidation has resulted in the closure of Canadian manufacturing plants and the relocation of many head offices to the United States. CPCA argued that the proposed countermeasure would have imposed tariffs on all Canadian paint and coatings manufacturing facilities, both Canadian and U.S.-owned, and further exacerbated current competitive and regulatory alignment challenges between the two countries.

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ShayoNano Appoints Palmer Holland as Exclusive U.S. Distributor

ShayoNano has appointed Palmer Holland as its exclusive U.S. distributor for its line of hiding pigments for use in aqueous roof coatings, paints, industrial coatings, and inks. “Palmer Holland has the national coverage and market expertise to promote this new technology in the targeted market segments,” says John Falsone, vice president, Sales/Marketing at ShayoNano. “We look forward to supporting their efforts as they grow the U.S. market.”



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AkzoNobel Opens Facility in Kenya

AkzoNobel has opened a coatings production facility in Kenya. Located in the capital, Nairobi, the long-term plan is to expand further and use Kenya as a gateway to the whole of East Africa, the company stated.

The site, which produces coil coatings primarily focused on the building sector, also includes warehousing for the company’s marine, protective, and powder coatings. The opening ceremony was attended by H.E. Franz Makken, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kenya, who emphasized the importance of direct foreign investment in helping to boost local economic development

“AkzoNobel is making a concerted effort to tap into the growing opportunities in Africa and bolster its operations in the region with strategic investments,” said Baron Schreuder, the company’s Performance Coatings director for sub-Saharan Africa. “This is an important first step towards unlocking Africa and expanding our performance coatings presence in the east of the continent.”

Schreuder also stated that operating in Kenya is an essential part of expanding the company’s footprint in the region. “The new facility will enable us to be closer to our customers, helping to reduce lead times while strengthening our ability to serve the market better,” he said.

Work on the facility started after the company acquired the Industrial Coatings business of BASF. AkzoNobel established a legal entity in Morocco, Kenya and Uganda in 2016. The company already runs operations in Africa for its Marine and Protective Coatings, Automotive and Specialty Coatings, and Industrial and Powder Coatings and Decorative Paints businesses.

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Huntsman PU Division Appoints Maroon Group as Midwest Distributor

The Maroon Group LLC Company has been appointed by the Huntsman Corporation Polyurethanes Division to represent its Isocyanates, Prepolymers, and Polyols in the Midwest. The territory comprised of Ohio, Michigan, Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, and Kentucky will align with the current representation, from Maine to Miami, presently supported by the D.B. Becker Company, a Maroon Group LLC Company. The appointment will commence on September 1, 2018.

“The opportunity to expand our successful relationship with Huntsman Corporation is a significant event for Maroon,” said Dan Canavan III, vice president of Principal Management— CASE at Maroon Group. “Our partnership with Huntsman spans more than three decades of success through our D.B. Becker business, which has been recognized repeatedly as their Distributor of the year. We look forward to delivering the same level of success with our Midwestern Sales Teams in our newly expanded region.”

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LANXESS to Open Applications Development and Technical Services Lab

LANXESS plans to open an applications development and technical services (AD & TS) laboratory for polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) in Latina, Italy. As part of the existing Urethane Systems AD & TS center, the new lab will operate as a standalone facility dedicated to PUDs, the company reported. According to LANXESS, the lab has been built with the scope of enhancing LANXESS Urethane Systems business partnership with clients and end users, via a technology focused interaction and high scientific focus. Start of operation is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2018.

LANXESS stated that the laboratory will be capable of supporting market needs in a variety of coatings and adhesives applications in leather and textile finishing, plastic, glass, and metal substrates coatings, as well as glass fiber sizing. “There is a growing demand from customers for VOC-free and lower carbon footprint materials,” says Dr. Markus Eckert, head of LANXESS’s Urethane Systems business unit. “Moreover, the increasing regulatory pressure upon restricted chemicals, stimulates the applied research in water-based technologies. Hence, the foundation of a focused technical center is consistent with LANXESS’s strategy towards green technologies and chemistry.”

Eckert added that the laboratory in will also have the ability of doing analytical work, formulation development, and synthesis of novel products with the intent to satisfy market needs with a high degree of technical differentiation.

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AB Specialty Silicones Completes R&D Facility Expansion

AB Specialty Silicones has completed a renovation and expansion of its R&D and QA location, reportedly tripling the area. According to the company, the additional laboratory facilities and equipment have increased technical capabilities for product analysis and performance matching that will enhance product development, performance testing, and technical service.

The lab expansion also includes an intermediary scale-up area equipped with pilot reactors used to bring new products from the lab to the marketplace. AB Specialty Silicones stated that these improvements combined with an increase in manufacturing and storage completed earlier in 2018 support the company’s growth and commitment to put customers first with product innovation, US-based manufacturing, and warehousing allowing for shorter lead times.

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#103: Regrets From Our Beach House Reno

It turns out that restoring a vintage stove isn’t all cupcakes & rainbows, so this week we’re revealing some of the quirks that you can’t see from a pretty picture. We’re also spilling the beans on several mistakes, regrets, and missed opportunities from our beach house renovation. What tile choice did we screw up? Where did we go wrong on the exterior? And how are we going to correct things moving forward? Plus, why we’re spending a chunk of money to make our house smell better. SO NOT GLAMOROUS. 

You can download this episode from Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcherTuneIn Radio, and Spotify – or listen to it below! Then use this page to check out any links, notes, or photos we referenced. Note: If you’re reading in a feed reader, you may have to click through to the post to see the player.


What’s New

  • In case you missed it, here’s the original story of finding the pink stove
  • Also, can you spot the red light that’s always on in the photo above?

  • And here’s Ol’ Pinkie right after we moved it in last October, when it “popped” on us while plugging it in. What a relief that it’s (mostly) better now!

Beach House Regrets

  • I’ll do my best here to represent the mistakes that we discussed in the episode – but the episode is definitely worth a listen for a much more clarified and detailed rundown. Save yourself from these mistakes and just tune in for that 15 minutes!
  • Ok but first here’s a view into the hall bathroom, which is where we put the blue accent tile in the shower… which is hidden right behind that door. Code required us to put the light switches on the left-hand wall (otherwise they would’ve been deemed too close to the shower itself), forcing the door swing to go this way (I don’t think we’d want to walk into the shower as opposed to the vanity anyway) but we sure wish we had thought to use that tile in the downstairs bathroom where you’d see it right from the door. Oh well, at least this view is still pretty!

  • Here’s the downstairs shower, which is attached to the mudroom/laundry room. See how that tile could have been appreciated by everyone walking by thanks to this layout? Lesson learned.

image source

  • … but when we truly thought about how well it would actually FUNCTION…. well, that it was a good reality check.

  • Here is one of the few shots of our little master bathroom sink. Although one of Sherry’s interior designer friends walked in and said “I LOVE THAT LITTLE SINK!” (which was a pretty nice thing to hear after being so convinced it’s stupid small) it’s still something we’re planning to fix… eventually. For now the shower and the tub still make that room one of our favorites, thankfully.

  • For reference, here’s the sink in our last home’s guest bathroom that still totally charms us. We just feel like it works better in a tiny, vintage-tiled space than our slightly bigger and more open beach house bathroom.

  • The photo below shows how rough the porch on the pink house still looks. So it’s easy to see why we regret not already taking care of it… but it’s on our list to do soon! Still gotta stain that front door too…

  • You can see and hear us talk more about the wooden steps on the side and the back of the house in Episode #99.
  • The photo below (from way before the laundry room was finished) is the best view of how high the plugs were originally placed for the washer and dryer. We didn’t really notice until the appliances were delivered that they would stick up well above them – and interrupt the area where we wanted to add a shelf.

  • So we had our electrician drop the dryer plug about 6 inches so it would sit just under the back lip (the other plug got covered by the storage cabinet). They’re still very easy to access without moving the washer and dryer (the shelves aren’t screwed in, they just rest in the bracket, so you can pop them off and easily reach all of the hookups right behind the top of the washer & dryer). Here’s where can read more about this laundry room makeover.

  • I don’t have any great current shots of our thermostat placement, but in some of these pictures from before we moved in you can see how we had them put near corners of walls (as opposed to being smack dab in the middle of the wall, where we’d later want to hang art and would forever curse their existence). Upstairs we put it right outside the entrance to the master bedroom, giving us plenty of room for art on that wall. Note: these pictures are from before we swapped the stock ones out for our beloved Nest E Thermostats.

  • Downstairs the thermostat is near the light switch in the dining room (it’s the thing covered in blue tape below). Again, that placement left us plenty of uninterrupted wall space for art.

refinished pine floors dining room

  • In the photo above you can also see the transition between the living room and dining room that’s higher than we’d like. No one has tripped on it or anything, but we do wish it were as seamless as the one in the other doorway (see how the smaller doorway’s threshold is sunk into the floor and completely flush?)
  • Just like we did in the episode, let’s end on the high note of how much we love the back bedroom. We worried about adding the wall with the pocket doors, but it has been the perfect solution for bedroom privacy at night without losing allllll the light from that window in the daytime – all while still giving us access to our own “private” staircase in the back.

We’re Digging

If you’re looking for something we’ve dug in a past episode, but don’t remember which show notes to click into, here’s a master list of everything we’ve been digging from all of our past episodes.

And lastly, a big thank you to Universal Furniture for sponsoring this episode. You can enter to win $5,000 in new living room furniture at UniversalFurniture.com/YHL now through August 13th. Remember, YHLHAP podcast listeners have won the last two Universal giveaways, so it could be you this time!!!

Thanks for listening, guys!

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Show Off your Creativity

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I apologize for the delay! If you follow me on social media, you know I was attending the Haven conference and I toted my laptop to Charleston with the intentions to get the party published but time got away from me! SO, let’s get this party started! It’s That DIY Party time!

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DIYShowOff weekly recap:

I revealed some pretty stunning hexagon tiles in the #helloredreno series this week! You have to check it out and let me know what you think of the transition of the floor from the bathroom leading into the bedroom. Too asymmetrical for your liking or are you loving it as much as I do? I chose the hexagon tile pictured below. 

See it here —> Bathroom Flooring

Shaw FlooringWhat about the before picture? The entire renovation isn’t complete but it sure is unrecognizable as the same room! 

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Oils included in this special kit:
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Party time: 

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